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  • 3 Years Ago
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OVERKILL GLOBAL is back for another world tour. Borders may be closed but if you’re a fan of metal like we are, consider this essential travel. Which countries we should feature? who are the best…

The Heavy Metal Democracy Project Announcement | BangerTV episode thumbnail

The Heavy Metal Democracy Project Announcement | BangerTV

  • 3 Years Ago
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BangerTV wants to create the next great series for our global metal community and we want your help! Introducing the Heavy Metal Democracy Project. Here’s how it works: we’ve created four series pilots which you…

Fabric of Metal episode thumbnail

Fabric of Metal

  • 3 Years Ago
  • View Count27,313

We spend a lot of time on BangerTV talking about the way metal sounds, but what about the way it looks?  The Fabric of Metal takes viewers on a cultural tour of the mainstays of metal style - from battle vests and bullet belts to leather daddies and corpse paint. Host Sarah Kitteringham hits up musicians, superfans, and metal scholars for some anthropological discussion about the origin and meaning of the unique (and sometimes questionable) sartorial expressions that have been sewn into the scene for nearly half a century.

Guitarsenal episode thumbnail


  • 3 Years Ago
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Guitar and pedal nerds rejoice! Finally, a safe space to get your gear-on. Join Exciter shredder Daniel Dekay in the Guitarsenal where he’ll showcase the latest and greatest sound gear. Whether he’s recreating epic riffs, exploring signature sounds, discussing iconic design, giving the backstories of famous backlines, or nerding-out with other musicians about their toys, this is where metal gear gets relevant.  Dekay will share mishaps from the road and touring “tips n’ tricks” he learned the hard way.  Whether you’re a musician in the market for something new, or you’re gear-curious and want to know why metal sounds the way it does, take shelter in Daniel Dekay’s Guitarsenal. 

How to get Into episode thumbnail

How to get Into

  • 3 Years Ago
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Let's be honest, Metal isn't the most straightforward world to dive into. What do you mean all War Metal is Blackened Death, but not all Blackened Death is War Metal? In each episode, our host will break down a main genre of metal, providing historical context and hallmark sounds that define the style while providing some great bands to ease yourself into the waters. From there, they'll explore some of the key subgenres to entice you down the rabbit hole that is metal fandom. Banger has built its brand on opening up metal to the world and sharing our passion through enthusiasm and education. So let's get into…

Heavy Metal Preservation Society episode thumbnail

Heavy Metal Preservation Society

  • 3 Years Ago
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In the world of heavy metal, throwing away old stuff is sacrilege! True fans hoard their vinyl records, vintage T-shirts, gig posters and other merch until death. Or at least until our pickers arrive. Follow two metal nerds — stoner comedian Blayne Smith and stoked guitarist Daniel Dekay — as they rummage through the collections of superfans, celebrity musicians and other obsessives in search of metal treasures. In each episode of this series, they will beg to buy or borrow the rarest finds — from KISS pinball machines to studded codpieces, nothing is too weird —their goal: to bring them back for a gallery exhibition on the history of heavy metal culture.

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