BangerTV presents Shredders of Metal Season 3: Drum Edition!

This season, 8 drummers will face off in an elimination-style bracket tournament until only one is crowned our Ultimate Drummer.

Here’s how to ENTER! Make a short video (max 3 minutes!) showcasing your chops (original songs only please) — upload to YouTube or any other video site and send a link via the submission form below for a chance to compete. All ages and genders welcome but you must play METAL!

Submissions close February 14, 2020 at midnight EST.

Important! Important! This competition takes place in Toronto, Canada. Those asked to participate will need to cover their own travel and accommodations to Toronto for a two-day shoot in February 29th – March 1st. Sorry, this is a web series! Drum Kits will be provided. Contestants are responsible for their own breakables.

Shredders of Metal is produced by Banger Films with the participation of the Bell Fund.

Think you have what it takes? Prove it!