Shredders of Metal coming soon!

SHREDDERS OF METAL will premiere on MONDAY JULY 23 — kicking off a special “Shredders’ Week” on BangerTV.

A six-episode digital series, SHREDDERS OF METAL is the first talent competition show dedicated to heavy metal music. Seven guitarists will showcase their shredding skills for a panel of three judges: ALEX SKOLNICK (TESTAMENT), DANIEL DEKAY (DIEMONDS, BANGERTV) and SAM DUNN (BANGER FILMS CO-FOUNDER). The series host is comedian BLAYNE SMITH.

“I’m proud that Banger Films is creating Shredders of Metal because it’s the first-ever metal guitar competition show created by metalheads, for metalheads. Blistering lead guitar is essential to the sound of metal — and it’s about time that a competition show honoured this decades-old metal tradition. Bring on the shredders!”

The Shredders finalists are: TIM BROWN (Edmonton, Alberta), FRANKIE C (Toronto, Ontario), SIM DIAMOND (Lévi, Quebec), RIC GALVEZ (Toronto, Ontario), BRI LUE-KIM (London, Ontario), DERRYL VI (North York, Ontario) and ALEX ZUBAIR (Toronto, Ontario). See their bios here.

SHREDDERS OF METAL is produced by Banger Films with the support of the Bell Fund.