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BANGER FILMS announced today its original web series SHREDDERS OF METAL will return for Season 2 on Monday, August 12 — kicking off a special “Shredders Season 2’ Week” on BangerTV’s YouTube channel.

SHREDDERS OF METAL is the first talent competition show dedicated to heavy metal music. This season, eight guitarists enter an elimination bracket tournament where they will showcase their shredding skills for a panel of three judges: Alex Skolnick (Testament), Ben Weinman (Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicidal Tendencies) and Sam Dunn (Banger Films Co-Founder) for the chance to win a prize package fromESP GUITARSand MARSHALL AMPLIFIERSandbe crowned Season 2 Champion.

Comedian BLAYNE SMITH (Yuk Yuk’s, BangerTV) returns to host the series.

Eight guitarists were chosen from video submissions and you can learn more about the eight contestants HERE. The SHREDDERS OF METAL Finalists are:

MIKE NASSO (Oshawa, Ontario)
Born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario and plays in a metal band called Plethora.

TAYLOR WROBLEWSKI (Kitchener, Ontario)
Lead guitarist for Kitchener’s Cathartic Demise.

NIK NOCTURNAL (Toronto, Ontario)
YouTuber and independent solo artist from Toronto.

RIC GALVEZ (Toronto, Ontario)
Guitarist for blackened death metal band Astaroth Incarnate and returning from Shredders season 1.

ADAM PELL (Ottawa, Ontario)
Lead guitarist and singer for Death Metal band Accursed Spawn.

NICK MILLER (Ottawa, Ontario)
Lead Guitarist in tech death band Killitorous and has a Bachelor of Music from Carleton University.

JT HARRIS (Toronto, Ontario)
Plays in Heavens Fire and a mighty list of bands including Southern Cross, Jade and Decibels of DIO.

MATT CUTHBERTSON (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan)
Apprenticed under guitar virtuoso Glen Drover and plays in Thrash/Death Metal band Untimely Demise and Progressive Death Metal band Into Eternity.