Meet the Shredders Finalists

TIM BROWN is from Edmonton, Alberta where he plays guitar for traditional heavy metal band Striker.

FRANKIE CARACCI (aka Frankie C) is a guitarist for Toronto’s epic death metal band Vesperia — 2015 International Wacken Metal Battle Champions.

SIM DIAMOND is a progressive metal guitarist from Lévis, Quebec, who records as the solo instrumental project Universal Minds.

RIC GALVEZ plays guitar for Toronto’s blackened death metal band Astaroth Incarnate and studies classical guitar at York University.

BRI LUE-KIM is from London, Ontario, where she plays guitar/bass for a variety of heavy bands including Necrosaurus Rex, Specks and The Alcohollys.

DERRYL VI is a guitarist from North York, Ontario who records melodic thrash metal under the name VI, which is currently working on a second album.

ALEX ZUBAIR has lived around the world, including Dubai where he formed death metal band Nephelium. He currently records under the name AZP (Alex Zubair Project).