We review Norway’s Christian Black Metal scene, featuring Blayne’s Top 5 Albums, a pick from expert and founder of HM Magazine Doug Van Pelt and suggestions from our Patreon donors.

Featuring: Extol – Burial https://tinyurl.com/yfwmcerh

Lengse – Solace https://tinyurl.com/tusbkbyv

Arvinger – Helgards Fall https://tinyurl.com/y4hnjw94

Antestor – The Forsaken https://tinyurl.com/726dmwhs

Drottnar ‎– Stratum https://tinyurl.com/yufxad53

Frosthardr ‎– Frosthardr https://tinyurl.com/u54axw93 T


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Theme song by EXNUN: https://tinyurl.com/bbua98ej